What happens after I get an invite?

After being invited to attend a Swing in Thailand event, you will receive an email explaining the necessary steps you need to take in order to help you prepare for your sensual getaway. Some of the things you might expect to do are as follows;

  • Prepare your international travel documents – Passports & Visas if necessary(passport applications may take between 8-12 weeks for approval)
  • Chose a Swing in Thailand package you wish to purchase, and arrange for prior payment, all Swing in Thailand packages are pre-purchased prior to the date of travel
  • Arrange your return flights to the destination and notify the team at Swing in Thailand of your travel itinerary(some packages include airport transfers)
  • Depending on which Swing in Thailand package you chose to purchase you may need to book your accommodation, keep in mind your accommodation location and its suitability to the party resort.
  • Become familiar with the Swing in Thailand event schedule, some of the theme parties may require you to bring costumes. It is recommended that you come prepared!
  • It might be useful to research your travel destination. Every country and city has its own set of expectations and requirements that it places upon tourists travelling to their areas, be prepared and make your getaway as enjoyable as possible
  • Finally, prepare your mind body and soul for the most anticipated experience of a lifetime!